Vital Statistics
Real Name Adam Antony
Alias Adamant
Age (2016) 15
Age (2020) 18
Race Human
Designation B27
Production Details
First Appearance Aftermath

Adamah Neusiedlung "Adam" Antony (Omnicron, previously Adamant, born November 11th, 2000) is a


Physical appearanceEdit


As Adamant, he wore less of a uniform and wore clothes that could stretch, which he later equipped with sports armour and tap. His shirt was short sleeved and white with a black 'A' in a circle. His eyes were covered by sunglasses that covered over his eyes.


After gaining a secondary permanent ability, he wore an outfit that reflected it. He sported a black top under his armour with gold highlights and a large 'O' in the centre. He changed his boots to trainers for more support.


November 2000 - June 2016Edit

Adam is the Great-Grandson of Adam Antonovsky (whom he is named after). His grandfather worked with Freidrich Neusiedlung and Daniil Falkowitz, they all worked in Israel on meta-genetics to show how the correlations worked in genetic streams. The isolated how they would react according to genetic cycles of inheritance and of trigger source

July 2016Edit

August 2016Edit

September 2016Edit

October 2016Edit

November 2016Edit

December 2016Edit

January 2017 - October 2019Edit

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