Red Hood
Vital Statistics
Real Name Jason Todd
Alias Robin
Age (2016) 16
Age (2020) 19
Race Human
Designation B13
Production Details
First Appearance Satisfaction

Jason Peter Todd (Red Hood, previously Robin, August 2nd, 1999) was the second hero to go by the moniker of Robin. However, his time with the team was cut short when he was murdered by the Joker after enduring hours of torture. He was later resurrected by Ra's al Ghul and became the antihero Red Hood.


Red Hood's personality is the one major difference between him and both Nightwing and Red Robin. While were all Robin, Their Robin's were far less serious and enjoyed having fun on the job. Red Hood, however, is a mercenary who is "just looking out for number one", taking leads into his own hands, for monetary gain mostly except for personal vendettas. He was even more serious than normal, but far more brutal, finding his fights amusing. He even flirts with Starfire, indicating that he and Nightwing both share similar tastes when it comes to girls — though it might also be an example of his flippant sense of humor.

On the other hand, despite being a self-serving mercenary, he is not without heroic qualities. He never preforms acts of true evil and, when the time comes for him to use his powers to prevent disaster, he tends to rise to the occasion. In his initial appearance, he ends up helping the team. Later, he enters the chase for the League's personal secret, but, after Red Robin saves his life, he repays the favor by standing off and taking out the other villains participating and disappears right afterwards.

Physical appearanceEdit


Red HoodEdit

He drastically alters his Red Hood costume to look more like a traditional superhero outfit, far away from the Joker's original outfit. He wears a brown leather jacket and a face concealing red helmet with two eye sockets.

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