This is a list of Young Justice: Armageddon episodes

Season 1Edit

1. Independent

The Team starts operating on their own.

2. Work Day

The Team learns that they need to find a way to support a living.

3. Stringed

Rockstar, the newest member has trouble fitting in with the other members.

4. Where He's Happy

Red Arrow tries to find his happy place.

5. Dropped

The Mechanic fires Kid Flash.

6. Videos

Somebody shoots a video of The Team in action that could reveal the indentities of the members to the world.

7. Escape From School

Somebody has turned Happy Harbor High School into a palace of pandemonium.

8. The Traitor

Artemis betrays The Team.

9. Hot Frost

The Team has to deal with to battling twins.

10. Faulty

The Team has to think of a plan to stop an earthquake from destroying Happy Harbor.

11. Leader of Time

The Team meets a time-traveling teenager.

12. Breached

Somebody has infiltrated The Team's home.

13. Hero to be

Red Arrow takes in a protege.

14. Tarred

Miss Martian, Zatanna, and Artemis get stuck in tar.

15. Forget

After running straight into a concrete wall, Kid Flash gets amnesia.

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