Hall of doom

The board's secret swamp base

The BoardEdit

The Board (Young Justice 3) is an evil organization comprised of some of the most imfamous villains of all time. So far we only know that Black Manta, Cheetah, and Solomon Grundy are members of the board. However, it is presumed that the Riddler, Gorilla Grodd, and Sinestro are also members. They are led by a mysterious figure known as the Chairman. They meet in the boardroom, which can be found several different locations including a swamp base and in a big tower.Edit


The Chairman

Black Manta


Solomon Grundy

Known Associates-Edit

Deathstroke- Deathstroke is the board's main enforcer. He is a constant enemy of the team. He is ruthless and fights with many weapons, especially swords. He is extremely reliable for the Board. He is fearlesss, and he believes that he can easily take on the Justice League. Eventually he assembles his own team consisting of Spellbinder, Chesire, Metallo, Star Sapphire, Devastation, Osiris, Tattoed Man, and Cinder.

Amanda Waller- Amanda Waller is the leader of the CADMUS organization, and a villainess in the Young Justice 3 Series. It is revealed that she is working with The Board.

CADMUS- CADMUS is an organization who are partnered with the Board, it is run by Amanda Waller. Other workers include Doctor Desmond, Hugo Strange, Professor Ivo, along with many other scientists. They're main muscle is KGBeast who easily held his own against most of the team.

Bane- The Board hires Bane as muscle to fight against Batman.

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