Prolouge Edit

"Hurry!"a girl yelled as she and her sister ran as fast as they could jumping over roof tops

"Dawn! Dead end!" her sister yelled as they came to a stop

"What do we do?"the girl asked in shock staring wide eyed around

"water wings"Dawn whispered

Chapter 1 Edit

"Did you hear there was a break out at a sience lab!" a girl said to her friend as they walked past Dawns eyes widend and she went into the shadows

"Why did it have to be me and Lizzie?" she whispered looking around they decided so they wouldnt be taken back to the "place" they would split up as heros so no one would find out who they are, the girls was born with water and Healing powers.

*Lizzies P.O.V*

'I really miss Dawn but i guess its for the best' Lizzie thought to herself as she walked around the park she remember when they had agreed to split up...

*flash back cuz i can*

"But we wont get caught if we stay together! right?" Lizzie asked her sister in panic

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